I am not your typical Mama. If you’ve noticed, most women these days are not like the Mama you and I grew up with either. We don’t wear frumpy jeans and we don’t know where all the lost items are in the house. We don’t wear aprons and say things like “ Back in my day.”

No offense to those Mamas, those Mamas raised a new breed of mothers who would later go on to be unstoppable.

Today’s Mama is an entrepreneur. She is a full time hustler and an all time Mama. She studies her child, listens to her child and recognizes that she is just as much a student as her little guy or girl.

She keeps herself up and boy does she love a little trap music!

And, last but not least: she has opinions that she is not afraid to speak on. So, click on my Blog and let’s get into it.

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