Getting Naked

I've always considered myself to be free in my thinking, relationships and choices. But, when it came to freeing my nipples in my birthday shoot, all I could do is load my mind with hundreds of thoughts that weren't even mine. What will people think? What will my mother think? Am I disrespecting my son... Continue Reading →

Food Tour Quickie

It started with a cinnamon bun and cheap candles. Only three candles had been lit and already my entire cake was almost flooded with wax. I refused to give up even as my fingers burned and candles outed. But after the 13th candle, I figured you guys would get the point. Villa Italia is a... Continue Reading →

Thirty is the new Twenty

Most of us live our lives around the number 30. I remember being in high school and expecting to graduate college by 22, get married by 23 and have kids by 25 with a solid career by 27. Instead I got pregnant at 21, I have never used the word solid and career in a... Continue Reading →

Hella Doubt.

"Girl, he still hasn't proposed yet? And, your birthday, valentines day and new years passed since you had the baby? Yeah, unless you want to be a baby mama for life, you need to start putting your foot down." -says single friend who hasn't been in a real relationship since high school. Sis, I get... Continue Reading →


Pregnancy is kind of like a fingerprint, no two journeys are exactly alike. One thing that is the same for everyone: Having a kid is never ever what you expect it to be. When I found out I was pregnant, I had already booked three vacations for the upcoming summer. I thought about canceling and... Continue Reading →

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