Plant The Seed

Today I met a woman who didn’t have a plan. She knew she wanted success and a bigger life than what she had right now but had no idea how she would get there. This woman was absolutely beautiful and had a lifestyle most would envy on first glance. She knew how to get a bag by any means necessary. But, when I asked her what her plan was for the next 5 years, she was absolutely clueless.

Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur or build an empire. Some people just want to live an ordinary life and hope to someday advance to extraordinary. Some people are fine with being ordinary and pretending to be extraordinary on the weekends. It’s important to understand that in everyone’s hearts lie different desires. Some of us don’t think of a plan until we have to figure ourselves out of something.

As I continued the conversation with my new acquaintance, I got a little more specific about planning and different steps she could take.

“What are you good at?” I asked.

She replied, “Making money.”

“Do you have a passion?”

“Money,” she laughed.

Her honesty was refreshing. It’s true that so many of us don’t want to become successful. We simply want to be successful. We enjoy the rewards and resent the work. Furthermore, ‘what’s the point of planning if nothing truly ever goes according to plan?’ ‘Why work hard when we live in a world where people get lucky?’

Because we are planting the seed.

1. Plant the seed.

2. Water your foundation.

3. Reap what you sow.

Get the idea in your head, take care of you, follow the signs and watch the universe do it’s thing.

Failure to plan consciously does not mean failure to plan period. When we don’t plan consciously, we completely rely on the plan being prepared for us subconsciously. The people we surround ourselves with, the movies we watch, the music we listen to are all shaping our lifestyles and molding our futures for us. Whether or not we realize it, we are constantly making plans for ourselves by how we live in the present day. For some of us, that equals success. For others it equals misery.

I advised my friend to look a little deeper into herself. “Take some time to get to know you better,” I said. “What do you like? What makes your skin crawl? What turns you on? What makes you walk away? The better you know yourself, is the better you’ll know what kind of life you want.” Most importantly, I recommended that she take her time.

Plans allow you to have more control of how you navigate through life. They assist us in becoming aligned. Once you become aligned, plans become less and less necessary. But, even when they become unnecessary, it still feels good to have things to look forward to.

What are your plans? What are your goals? What does your life look like 5 years from now? It’s okay if you’re not sure right now. It just might be time to take yourself out to dinner and figure it out.

Keep Elevating,


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