What Is It About Atlanta?

I absolutely cannot get enough of this mangled city. The streets are filled with dreamers, politicians, fighters, lovers, pimps, prostitutes, game changers, sheep, leaders, followers and they all wear the same clothes. They shop at the same stores and eat at the same restaurants. Every day is a new game and if you can learn the day’s rules quickly enough, you’ll be okay.

In this short year and change of moving to Atlanta, I’ve learned so much about people. In their hearts, everyone just wants to be special. They want to matter and be applauded. But, at their core, you’d be surprised at the lengths people here are willing to go to achieve their ideas of success.

I think it’s because of how accessible opulence seems here. From high rises in Atlantic Station filled with TV stars and media moguls to the Buckhead backroads adorned with new money mansions. Success seems to lie at the tip of everyone’s fingers if only they’re willing to give a little more than they actually have.

I call the city mangled because of the tears that fill its condos, the severed connections that fill its offices and the inevitable, but messy reassembling that comes with living in such a small 4 by 4 city.

I’ve fallen in love with Atlanta, flaws and all. It is no New York, like where I’m from. In New York, we hustle. In Atlanta, we finesse. The hunger is different, but it’s present. Any place where there are dreamers, there is sadness, success and serenity. Knowing this makes it easier to navigate through this interesting city. And, like I said, if you can learn the day’s rules quick enough you’ll be just fine here.

Keep Elevating,


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