Be An Alchemist

Lately I haven’t been wanting to go outside. I’m fighting an internal battle for peace and most days I just feel like crying, eating junk and being left alone. When these moods happen, I typically already know what time it is. The thing is, depression is way more common than you think.

So, thank God for friends and random people visited by spirits that give you what you need right when you need it without even knowing it. Depression is an ongoing battle. It comes in waves and during times you think you’re the happiest. “I’m getting married, why aren’t I happy?” “I’m having a baby, why aren’t I happy?” “I’m graduating college and starting my new life, why aren’t I happy?”

The appearance or expectancy of happiness has nothing to do with being or not being depressed. Depression is more than being sad or feeling blue. In many of us lies deeper desires than what we actually acknowledge or share. So, if you don’t even know what you truly want in life, how can you really be happy anyway?

I want to share a couple things that helped me change my mind about how I’ve been feeling lately. These things have been shared with me by the people closest to me. Some are questions, some are affirmations. Some are directions. I hope this will ring true with you if you can relate to my space.

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