Thirty is the new Twenty

Most of us live our lives around the number 30. I remember being in high school and expecting to graduate college by 22, get married by 23 and have kids by 25 with a solid career by 27. Instead I got pregnant at 21, I have never used the word solid and career in a... Continue Reading →

Hella Doubt.

"Girl, he still hasn't proposed yet? And, your birthday, valentines day and new years passed since you had the baby? Yeah, unless you want to be a baby mama for life, you need to start putting your foot down." -says single friend who hasn't been in a real relationship since high school. Sis, I get... Continue Reading →


Pregnancy is kind of like a fingerprint, no two journeys are exactly alike. One thing that is the same for everyone: Having a kid is never ever what you expect it to be. When I found out I was pregnant, I had already booked three vacations for the upcoming summer. I thought about canceling and... Continue Reading →

Traveling With a Baby

The most important thing to accept when traveling with your young one is that babies cry. If they're flying, their ears may pop and if they're young, they might be teething. On a long road trip, their diapers could be uncomfy. On a train, they may be afraid of all the new sounds. Whatever the... Continue Reading →

Let him go, Sis!

I can still remember falling in love for the first time like it was yesterday. It was refreshing, it was fun and it was mine. Or, so I thought at the time. I knew I loved him because he was my best friend. I knew he loved me because he told me I inspired him.... Continue Reading →

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